Keaton Henson : Hithermost: Works by Keaton Henson

18 January - 2 February 2013

A ‘romantic view of death and the macabre’ informs the latest show to arrive at Pertwee Anderson and Gold gallery Soho, by artist and acclaimed singer/songwriter Keaton Henson in his first major solo show. Hithermost – which runs from 17 January to 2 February at the central Soho gallery - showcases the artist’s morbid fascination with the weird, wild and wounded. Through his artwork Henson positions himself as a detached voyeur of a beguiling (under)world perceivably just beyond his (and our) reach.

As a reaction to what he sees as a ‘cotton wool’ upbringing, Henson’s intricate and enticing pieces explore the darker sides of life. His works of art play within the enchanting yet disturbing ‘other-world’ of fairy-tale and child-like imagination, imposed upon by a fallen adult world. At once illustrative and impressionistic the works distort the familiar; his subjects, often tortured and confused, are tinged by the anxiety Henson struggles with on a daily basis.

Henson commented: ‘It is a look back at a crazy year in my life -as a reclusive guy who has suddenly become known to strangers and spent two months in the US making an album. I had some pretty intense relationships and have had to deal with the crippling fear of performing and meeting people. The exhibition was a perfect reason to go back into hiding for weeks and do nothing but draw.’

Hithermost, invites viewers to take an unprecedented glimpse into the life of a highly reclusive artist who has only recently come to face his audience. Following the success of his music, the works document Henson’s release into a more public world, through a rich spectrum of media – from poetry to art, and beyond.