Kate MccGwire

“I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, locate, question, duplicate, play and photograph”.


Kate Mccgwire will take an everyday thing or idea that is intrinsically discomfiting and, by reframing it, she entices the viewer into re-examining their preconceptions and prejudices of cultural, historical and personal ideas. 

Her work asks questions about the very nature of beauty - beauty as something more complex than merely what delights the senses: beauty can be about a problem; it can be something that repels you or makes you question the status quo. Much of Kate's work references Freud's 'Unheimliche' (the uncanny, or, literally, the 'unhomely'); the idea, to quote Freud, of 'a place where the familiar can somehow excite fear'.

Organic patterns, forms and materials are central to Kate’s pieces. Intrinsic to her method is the collecting and sorting of materials from hundreds of different sources over a period of months, even years.