Alastair Mackie

Alastair Mackie’s work touches on ideas to do with primal urges, science, the passage of time, and death while pointing to a broader exploration into the relationship between man and nature -questioning our awareness and convictions about the boundaries that separate the two. Materials can be anything. Mackie’s works are something between a fragment to be observed and a composition of organic materials. With ‘Sphere’ Mackie takes fragments that have been formed by nature (in this case mouse skulls) and reassembles them in an unmistakably man-made form; the sphere.

“…Most of Mackie's sculptures work in this way, setting up interactions between medium and content. The subject at first looks familiar. But on closer inspection its parts suggest a different, often diametrically opposed chain of associations.” 

Colin Gleadell, Object of the week, The Daily Telegraph, 2007.