Gallant examines the pathologies underlying the west’s continuing fascination with pornography and the culture of collecting. His interest in Victorian decorative craft and his training in the traditional Far-Eastern  technique of Origami are united in his works in which highly intricate beautiful shapes are cut from pages extracted from pornographic magazines.
Using a surgical blade, he cuts into the imagery, layering extremely delicate cut-outs on top of one another to assemble a dramatic visual experience that almost blurs your vision. If you look closely you can see hints of hair, lips, neck and genitalia, but it's the paper's flesh tones and curvature that stand out. Delicate lacework contrasts with the rough grain of vintage erotic pornography whilst repeating the process of cutting. This internal dichotomy reveals the artists two obsessions: the elegance of the motif with its sophisticated paper cutting: and the disposable medium of 1970’s pornographic magazines.
Softly spoken and a self-proclaimed compulsive collector, he describes his work as a visual language "dealing with a private matter in a very public way."