In the style of a traditional Wunderkammer, Curiosities from The Hanbury Collection features a collection of curiosities curated by The Connor Brothers.

Among the exhibits on display are a gold plated hippo skull purported to have been owned by notorious cocaine trafficker Pablo Escobar, the jaw of a 70 foot long prehistoric shark, and the world's most intelligent computer.

As well as objects from natural history, technology, art and archeology, there are some exhibits so unusual that they defy categorisation.

This show is an immersive experience which confuses reality with fiction, and leaves the viewer unsure which unbelievable things are true, and which believable things are imaginary.


Among the Hanbury Collection’s extraordinary range of items is one of the only computers said to be capable of passing the Turing Test.

B.R.I.A.N is a computer programme able to read microexpressions, fleeting universal and involuntary facial expressions that betray our subconscious emotions. Originally developed by the CIA as an interrogation tool, later abandoned and reprogrammed as the world's most accurate psychometric programme, The Hanbury Collection owns the only version in private hands.


There are limited places for a small number of people to experience an interaction with B.R.I.A.N, and to be given their own personality profile. Please book your appointment thorugh - it is essential for this exhibit.

Entry to Curiosities from the Hanbury Collection is free.