Memento Mori

17 May - 14 June 2013

Pertwee Anderson and Gold and The Museum of Curiosity are collaborating on a new exhibition. Memento Mori explores the most universal of subject matters: death, and brings together both historical and contemporary artworks which ask the viewer to contemplate their own mortality. 


‘Memento Mori’ translates as ‘Remember you die’ and is said to originate in Ancient Rome where a general was parading through the city celebrating success in battle. A slave stood behind him and it was his duty to remind the general that although he was at the peak of his success he was still a man and not a God. The slave is said to have whispered ‘Memento Mori. 


This exhibition mixes historical objects with contemporary interpretations of the theme and brings together an extraordinary selections of artworks.  With works ranging from an 18th century Reliquary containing the hand of a saint, to paintings and carved human skulls commissioned specifically for the show, Memento Mori promises to be a wide ranging and rich exhibition on a universal theme.