Annie Morris : There is a land called Loss

3 February - 1 March 2012

Through both an immediate and considered approach Annie Morris' uses her unique line to capture a world that explores a tragedy of life, love and loss and creates an emotional journey that can only be born through a very traumatic personal experience.

 In Morris's drawings the world that is created is full of intricate detail, rich shading and abstract female figures such as the repeated character of a woman that seems to be balancing on a ball, floating through the landscape. Black and white egg shaped sacks seem to weigh down the figures as they try to lift from the ground through an eerie forest of leafless trees; which in itself is a metaphor for a season of losing life only to grow back again. Some of the figures have fragile egg shapes attached to them as they glide amongst the trees carrying them with ease; others seem to have lost them as they fall in amongst the landscape. The compositions become a tumbling, cascading dreamscape where there is no foreground or background, just a subtly composed black and white field.