Paul Fryer : The Electric Sky

23 March - 3 May 2012

Paul Fryer is noted for working with electricity in all its forms; from lightning machines propagating millions of volts to particle accelerators generating tiny superheated plasma stars with temperatures measured in the millions of degrees. His recent sculpture,Revelation (rain), is a machine which permits the casual viewing of cosmic rays arriving on earth as flashes of lightning in a glass box and Fryer has even recreated the environment necessary to produce the subtle patterns of an earth-bound Aurora Vitralis in a bell jar.


In his latest show The Electric Sky Fryer investigates the connections between life on earth and astronomical phenomena through the motif of lightning, creating multiple images and representations of this dynamic electrical energy in both two and three dimensions, exploring both existing and new theories of the fabric of the universe.


This new show playfully bridges the gap between conventional practice of sculpture and image making and his more technologically realised oeuvre. Lightning modelled and depicted becomes a motif, which is simultaneously philosophical, scientific, experiential and visual.

Sol Lewitt stated that conceptual artists "are mystics rather than rationalists"; Einstein said that "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious". Fryer's new show touches the mystery surrounding the laws of the universe to create beautiful and thought provoking new works which convey some of the wonder and hallucinatory glory that is the imagined Electric Sky.


In this new body of work he uses techniques as diverse as x-ray photography, painting, lenticular printing and sculpture to further pursue and encompass these ideas, culminating with what could be seen as a neon homage to Walter De Maria's Lightning Field.